Posted by maureen-zeigler
Aug 15, 2007
MY dog is very attached to me but likes some dogs and loves to run and play with them. When I am walking her on a leash, she tries to attack dogs and really wants to be the "alpha". I make her sit but she tries to go after them. Most of the time I think she wants to play but has to be the boss. Naturally no other owner wants their dog to face this. and neither do I. Help!
Posted by eyeluvdogs
Aug 15, 2007
This must be quite frustrating and upsetting for you. Everyone wants their dogs to get along with all other dogs, but unfortunately it does not always happen.

Firstly, you should have a look at the "Secrets to Becoming the Alpha Dog" bonus ebook. This book gives you tips on how to show your dog that she is below you in the hierarchy. These tips are particularly important if you have a dominant dog (I do, and we have to constantly reinforce our higher position so that she listens to us). The good thing about the techniques is that they are not harsh - they are just ways of doing things slightly differently. For example, you should get into the habit of walking through doors before your dog, and feeding her after you have eaten etc.

I think that it will probably be a good idea to keep your dog on the leash if she cannot be trusted with other dogs. Or, you may want to look at getting her a muzzle so that if she does get into a scuffle with another dog, that she can't actually do any damage.

Do you have a friend with a dog that your dog doesn't know very well, someone who could help you with some training? If so, both of you should go to a large park or piece of countryside. You and the other person should start walking from opposite sides of the park and as you get closer to each other, if your dog reacts badly you should growl at her and quickly turn around and walk in the other direction. Walk for 5 seconds, and then turn around, wait a moment, and come back again. Keep reprimanding and changing direction every time your dog is aggressive until you get to the point where your dog will walk past the other dog without making a fuss. When this happens, make sure that you praise and encourage her. You might even like to give her a treat.

You might find that your dog is never friendly with strange dogs, but with some work you will hopefully get to the point where she ignores them as opposed to being aggressive towards them.

Good luck with your training