staring?fluing for 2nd dog

Posted by jacky-clayton
Sep 7, 2008
help! my 6yo jack russell (neutered male) has recently started flying for our yorkshire terrier & meaning it.we've tried seperating, making him sit on his bed,isolating him and muzzling when indoors as this is where it happens.there is no reason as they get plenty of exercise,equal attention.BUT it has now reached the slage where we fear for the yorkies wellbeing,as he wont come in the room if the other dog is there (muzzled or not)
Posted by Maggiesmom1
Sep 11, 2008
Jack Russell's are a breed that frequently dislike other dogs. How long have you had the Yorkie? I think you are right to worry as the JR can hurt or kill the yorkie. I think we need more information to offer any suggestions to you. Is the yorkie male or female? Is it neutered also? How old is it? Was your JR socialized with other dogs at all before the Yorkie came into the home?
Tell us more and maybe one of the members can offer help.