Posted by golfnowkpeoplepccom
Nov 10, 2007
Have a 7 month old Labradoole. She will listen sometimes such as to sit, stay and fetch but have a hard time getting her to come. She also at times will bite at your hands or clothes and gets very aggressive. Have tried ignoring her and she still keeps it up. We usually then just put her outside till she quits down. Would like some ideas, suggestions as to how to correct her of this aggressiveness and to have her come when we call her. Thanks, Larry
Posted by eyeluvdogs
Nov 23, 2007
Hi there,

I think Labradoodles are lovely dogs, though I have met a few who are quite rambunctious! Fortunately these dogs have settled down with age, and I'm assuming that this will also happen in your case.

In the meantime, you might like to start using the Alpha techniques to teach your dog that you are the pack leader and that she is at the bottom of the pack. You need to be a strong and confident leader who is always in control.

Start having daily obedience lessons as this will help improve her responsiveness to your commands. use lots of praise and encouragement when she is behaving well.

There are a number of Come Command Rules that I recommend people use:

1. Never call your dog to you for a reprimand
2. Always call your dog in a happy voice
3. Always praise your dog for coming to you, even if they have taken their time
4. Praise your dog for coming to you without having been called
5. Never call your dog to you for something you know they don't like e.g. baths or visits to the vet.

You can also use a squeaky toy to try and get your dogs attention. If they obey, they get to play with the toy.

As for the play biting, hopefully the use of the Alpha techs will help, because your dog will have more respect for you. I also recommend that you use the time out method to teach your dog that her nipping is not appropriate. Next time she starts to play too rough, immediately take her outside or to another room for a 5 minute time out. Do this every time she nips, and she should start to realize that her nipping brings an end to any attention.

I hope this helps.