through fence aggression

Posted by Annie
Sep 23, 2007
Hi there!
I have a problem with my dog ( a lovely mixed breed Husky Sheperd 1.5 years old) who is very aggressive to other dogs through the fence. We live on a country lane and often dog walkers come by. She gets all her hackles up, growls, barks, digs at the fence and follows then down to the bottom of the garden. This is very distressing as she is normaly so friendly(...though not with every dog), fine on the leash, plays nicely with her friends etc When I go to her in the garden she can hear me and will sit and stop her behaviour but I can´t be with her always. She has got alot better about barking at People and Horses, but this is not just barking...she acts like she would like to rip them up! The times that I have taken her out of the yard to meet the other dog ( on leash) she is sweet and friendly, and not really worked up and does alot of sniffing and thats it....please help. I read and practice the Alpha dog tips, works great, I also shake cans with stones inside, send her to the house, squirt her with a water pistol.....all this works...when I´m there.
Any ideas or help would be appreciated. Thanks
Posted by ncolby
Sep 26, 2007
Hi There,

I feel for you, I have two incessant barkers! I, too, have been practicing the alpha techniques and am seeing consistant improvement in both my younger dogs (I have three). My 12 month old Bloodhound is particularly stubborn and also barks and runs the fence (we have invisible fence so it scares people even more to see her carrying on). I found the information provided by eyeluvdogs in the post above yours by caridc to be very helpful. It suggests incorporating a "Quiet" command in your training. Read the answer posted and try it! I have been using this constantly lately and recently, when I am in the house and she barks, I say the command (I use "hush")through different windows in the house where she can't see me. It is beginning to work and I think she is starting to get the idea that even when she can't see me, I am still around. Good luck!