twin terrors

Posted by ohiohusky
Feb 15, 2009
I have recently adopted two Siberian Huskies brothers. They were from a breeder that had two litters that did not sell. They had 10 dogs in a small pen with two houses and no shade. They do know the basic commands now but they do not listen consistently. They talk and it is confusing if they are growling or talking. They are very hyper but they do like affection. They are neutered if they have calmed down from that then they were very bad before. Tazer is the dominant one inside and Blaze is the dominate one outside. They want to run but not sure if they would come back if let to run. I live in the Country with room to run do I just let them run or keep them chained while outside? Do I train them separatly or together? If I do it separatly what do I do with the other one. They have to do everything together. I have a lot of work to do and will probably need an expert to help, but I was going to try on my own. How long do I try by myself before I get help? Will it make it to hard for some one to help me if I wait? They are already three years old. Any advice would help, thanks.
Posted by KOPsBecks
Feb 15, 2009
Hey there, thanks for your post.

It sounds like you do have a bit of work on your hands. I would suggest straight away that you train them separately. This is important as then you will have their undivided attention. While you are training one, keep the other one inside. They need to learn to be apart.
Get someone else to help you, a partner, a friend etc. Then you can take them to obedience classes together. I think obedience classes are a great way to socialise and get professional help. With regards to the subject of letting them run, use a long lead to start with and take them for long walks in your property. Also get them used to the "come" command. If they know that your place is home and that is where they sleep and get fed then they will return. Possibly if you do let them go running, let one go at a time and leave the other one inside. Then because they are so attached they will not run away.

Let me know how you get on separating them.

Hope this helps,

Posted by foxi7778
Feb 16, 2009
Hi there, please DO NOT let your huskies run unless they are in a secure, enclosed area (they are great jumpers, climbers and diggers). Huskies are notorious for having little or no recall and they can cover great distances in a short time. They will not avoid roads, but will be more inclined to run along them as they'll view them as a track. I do know of some Huskies that can be let off lead, but not many
I agree with KOPS with regard to the training. Train seperately....little and often works better with these types of dogs as they are highly intelligent and bore easily.
As you are in the country and your dogs want to run it might be worthwhile researching "urban mushing". It's along the same lines as normal mushing, but the dogs are harnessed to a scooter rather than a sled. At 3 years old your boys would be more than capable of pulling one and a half times their own weight, provided they don't have any bone or joint problems.
Best of luck and keep us posted on your progress!!