walking on a leash

Posted by susankostelnik
Jul 23, 2009
Haley is 4 years old and use to romping in the yard free because of the electronic fencing. Perhaps because of that she pulls very hard when I walk on the leash with her. She walks off leash pretty well, as she keeps turning her head to make sure I am still there, but if a person or another dog approaches she does not always listen to me out of excitment. She walks well on a short leash and stays by my side without pulling. Put a long leash on her so she has a little more freedom and she pulls very hard, even when I pull back with a training collar. I have tried to stand still and she will stop and then start again using the foot she can see and she continues to pull even though she started out next to me. Any suggestions? She pulls so hard I need to wear a lined glove when I walk her.
Posted by KOPsarah
Jul 27, 2009
hi susankostelnik, and thanks for your post
I was just wondering what sort of collar you are referring to when you say training collar? Have you tried a head collar such as a halti or gentle leader?
Posted by Brian
Aug 9, 2009
Susan I have an American Bulldog who likes to pull me along when we go for walks with a regular collar and even a pinch collar, but I put a gentle leader on her and now she walks at my side with a slack leash. The improvement was immediate and the difference was like night and day.