Aggressive boxer

Posted by triedesel
May 12, 2008
I have 3 boxers, a 6 yr old female, 4 yr old female (the older one pup) and a 3 yr old male rescue.

My problem is the 4 yr old since we moved is attacking the 6yr old and now the 3 yr old male. We keep them separate but it is not easy. We can break up fights with the females since the 6 yr old is small, but the fights between the female and male are awful. They are both big and strong and ends with lots of cuts.

A friend recommended a shock for the 4 yr old. I really have problems with this, but my only other hope is building a yard just for her. They act like they want to play but I worry that a fight will happen.

Any advise???
Posted by Tarnador
May 16, 2008
Sounds like they could be fighting for the job as pack leader - are you "top dog" - if so then you can't allow them displays of dominance. Can you identify which one is causing the problem? normally one is the instigator and this is the one you have to work on. also are they fighting over you - is one being protective of you.

Reading the alpha dog section should help you take control. Maybe they have never been introduced properly - when 2 dogs meet for the first time they should go nose to tail first - if they meet face to face this is a very aggressive and challenging way to meet and can often end up in a fight.

Long walks with all three walking side by side is a great way for dogs to bond - do long walks a day can help. You may have to muzzle the instigator at first. Don't let any of the dogs walk in front of you - make sure that you are the leader.

Hope this helps
Good luck