Posted by Sam-dear
Apr 15, 2008
My dog Buster is a very social amimal with people aswell as other dogs. He is extreamly playfull and shows no aggression towards any other dog, unless he is on the lead. He will not walk past another dog when he is on the lead, he pulls first, then barks alot, then starts to growl. I need some help because i would love to get him a girlfriend but i can't walk two dogs when he is behaving like this.
Posted by Todd
Apr 30, 2008
Hi there and thanks for the post.

This is a great question as one of the biggest problems people have is when walking there dogs. The good news is it is fixable but it does take time and patience.

Firstly i would thoroughly recommend getting him a Halti or Gentle Leader as this can save a whole heap of trouble and make walking much easier and enjoyable. They do take time to get used to but they are absolutely brilliant.

Now when you are walking him he needs to learn to behave.
I think working on his obedience at home is a good first step. Give him 15 minute training sessions in a quiet area on the basic commands of sit, stay and come. The more obedient he is the better he will be when walking.

Now for the walking. When he is walking he needs to learn to be at your side no matter what the situation. Work on his heel command without other distractions around.
When you see another dog approaching make your boy sit. If he is being well behaved praise him but try not to get him over-excited. If he starts to pull, growls etc you need to reprimand him straight away. Use a loud GRRRR or AHHHH and if you want to carry a water pistol around give him a squirt.
Then ask him to sit again.

If he gets too much then tell him off and take him away from the other dog.

Start with quiet areas and as he gets better and better behaved work towards more built up areas. On the first few occassions don't let him play with the other dog but as he gets better you can allow this but don't allow rough play

Good luck and please feel free to ask for help if you need it