Best Method to teach "drop" command

Posted by crazycrayonmom
Nov 22, 2009
I've never been particularly successful with the "drop" command. Usually I can get my dogs to bring me the object but I have to pull it out of his/her mouth. I want to get our new puppy Max to drop it like he's supposed to. What works for you?:cool:
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Nov 22, 2009
Hi crazycrayonmom,

Have you tried exchange the object with a tiny treat when Max brings it to you?

When he brings whatever the object is, don't extend your hand toward the object. If you do he would think that you would try to take it away from you and he would not release it.

Instead, show him a treat and he would open his mouth to take the treat. Give the treat and pick up the object that fell from his mouth. Repeat this until he drops the object for a treat 100%. Then add a command "Drop it" as you offer a treat.

Max might not go fetch if you show a treat before you throw the object so it is better for you to have a treat pouch and don't show the treat until he brings the object back to you.

Let me know how it will work. Good luck
Posted by crazycrayonmom
Nov 23, 2009
I gave your suggestion a try and it looks like your method may just be a winner! The second I showed him the treat he dropped the ball and the retreiver dummy too. A few more practices without the command and I'll be adding the word "drop" to it. Thanks for the suggestion!