Border Collie Training

Posted by swampyann
Jan 6, 2010
I have two 4 month old Border Collie / Blue Heeler mix puppies. The female, Sarah, is very aggressive and has discovered our cows. I know this is bred into her to go after the cows. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make her understand that is a NO NO?

Also I would like some information on how I could train them to use these dogs for working the cows. Right now I can call them to come to me and they do respond but immediately go right back to the harassment.

Any response would be greatly appreciated

Thank you Swampyann
Posted by kjd
Jan 6, 2010

Are there any Border Collie clubs near you? Are call around to training facilities, vets, etc., to see if you can find some. If not, contact the AKC. You should be able to find someone who can do two things for you: test your dogs for herding instinct and help you train your dogs if they have that instinct.

What, BTW, do you mean by "harrassment"? Are they just running after them barking or do they look as if they are trying to either round them up or drive them in some direction?

I don't know anything about the Blue Heeler, but the BC is still close enough to his working dog roots to have that instinct. The one problem with the AKC is that they have tended to concentrate on conformation to the detriment of working ability. There was a big fight within the BC fancy before one part agreed to join the AKC. My big shock was when I first saw cow-judging at an agricultural fair. That is exactly what the conformation judging at dog shows is. And most people don't care about the personality or working ability of a cow!

Try to hook up with some BC owners. That is the best way to learn how to train your dog. (Unless, of course, you know a shepherd with BCs!)

I'd be interested in how your dogs turn out,
Posted by swampyann
Jan 7, 2010

Thank you for your input. I will do some research and will keep you informed.