Border Collie follows me everywhere & help with training on frisbie

Posted by Buddys-Mom
Aug 23, 2008
I have two questions. First my Border Collie is almost two year old. He follows me everytime I move. If I back up I run into him. I was told he is probably doing what herding dogs do and protecting his herd. If that's correct, then I guess the behavior is okay, right?
My other question is this: I can get my dog to catch knots, doggie tires, etc in the air and he gets a ball. He will bring them to me. I wanted to get him to catch a frisbie, but when I throw it, he ducks if it's near him and will wait until it hits the ground before getting it. Since he catches other things I don't know what the problem is with the frisbie. Can you give me some pointers. I want to keep training him to do agility type things to make sure he gets out his energy and has fun. Thanks,
Posted by Annie
Aug 23, 2008
is it a soft frisbee or a normal plastic one? You can buy a good water frisbee made of neoprene and a firm rim. this is very comfortable and soft for the dog and flies just as good ( also is soft enough to tuck in a pocket)and I´m sure he´ll have no problems then.