Boundry training

Posted by GLedray
Mar 26, 2009
I have seen some dogs that are trained not to leave a specific boundry and would like to know how to accomplish this.
Posted by LetsPlay
Apr 2, 2009
Hi there,
it's a matter of always being very consistent. Every time you leave the house and leave the section or walk through the front gate you will need to stop, make the dog sit and stay and only allow him to continue walking when you give a command. You will need to practice that a lot and then move on to making your dog stay while you walk ahead and then call him to you.
You will need to stop along the same boundary every time so the dog makes a connection with he location. What I found really helps is having a visual cue, for example having a rope lying on the ground. That way your dog can learn that the rope means "stop and don't cross". Eventually you can remove the rope, but still practice the boundary with your dog until he is doing it reliably.
Hope that answers your question.