Bringing home another dog

Posted by Beagle-Momma
May 15, 2008
I'm giving a try at adopting a new dog from a shelter. I haven't seen him with other dogs, and I already have three at home who are my BABIES. Any suggestions about where I should introduce them to see if they are going to get along? My turf, neutral ground, etc. Also I'm open to any new ideas about how to make the first impression a good one. He's much bigger than my girls, so I don't want any trouble.

Posted by Tarnador
May 16, 2008
Hi there,

Are your "babies" happy, relaxed and calm and are you "top dog". If so you can introduce a new dog no problem. I have an alarm bell ringing him my head at the moment due to the word "babies" - do you spoil them? - are they territorial of things and you?

I have four dogs and over the years have taken in strays, sometimes for 1 night, sometimes for months and I have never had a problem because if I decide to bring a cat, dog, person, whatever into my home then I can as I am pack leader and I treat my home and everything in it, plus all the dogs as my property so my dogs have to accept all my rules and decisions. If your dogs see you as pack leader they will accept a new dog.

I give them a long walk before bringing in a new dog so they are a little worn out and not so excitable, then I bring the new dog into the same room as my dogs - usually i walk away and leave them to it - you can affect the way your dogs react if you are in the same room and are anxious and anticipate problems - dogs pick up on this and can become anxious as a result. The least fuss the better.

don't let the new dog have the run of the house or give it affection in the first few days. If you want to show your dog around - take charge and go into a room first and "invite" the dog to follow. Show the dog where he is expected to sleep - I made this mistake once recently; my dogs live outside and I have four kennels, the new dog came home but I didn't show her where to sleep, assuming that she would just follow the others at bedtime - poor thing spent the whole night outside my front door!

I admire your bringing in a fourth, four is hard work - I can't believe how one more can make such a difference but I find it harder to walk 4 now rather than 3.
Good luck
Posted by Beagle-Momma
May 16, 2008
Thanks for the input. I wouldn't be anxious if he wasn't so much larger than my dogs, and so much younger. And of course, my anxiety won't help the situation. My beagles are all under 20 lbs and are adults (middle aged), and he's a 1 year old pushing 60 lbs. But he seems fairly easy going, although he has that stubborn hound in him.

As far as my babies are concerned, it depends on what you consider spoiled. I am definately the alpha. They are my babies in the sense that I love them so much and they are my best friends, but I am also fairly strict with them because I believe it is the best thing for them - they get nothing for free, but what they get in exchange for their obedience is the best food, the healthiest dog treats, and as much of my time as I can give. They also go to the vet at the first sign of something wrong. I spare no expense for them. But they don't get everything they want by a long shot. They are healthy and happy, but I do not consider them spoiled. The only boundary that anyone could get on me about is the fact that I let them get on the couch with me. But I like to sit with them, and if I tell them off they get down immediately.

I am more worried about the new dog doing something wrong than my dogs since I have never seen him interract with another dog, and I would be absolutely crushed if one of my girls got hurt as a result. He is, however, a very social breed, so I am hoping for the best.

Thanks again for your wisdom. I have trained large dogs, but never owned one, so I'm on new territory here, and I need to know my babies are safe.