Car training problem

Posted by Dandy
Aug 24, 2008
i'm having a hard time training my 17 mnths old Rottweiler to jump and get up at the back of my vehicle for a trip but she does not have any problem getting up and staying in a bench. she is kind of afraid in close areaI even if i give her liver treat. i really need to get her trained on this because everytime she need to see a vet for vacine, i have to call the vet for home service. where i'm from, they only do home service for vacine and not for diagnose of sickness or others plus i want to take her somewhere in an open field for playtime.

appreciate any reply
Posted by foxi7778
Aug 24, 2008
You could try making her a ramp out some old pieces of wood?
Posted by nan
Aug 27, 2008
I have had the same problem with my almost 3 year old Golden Retriever. For some reason she doesn't want to jump into the back of our SUV. She was getting too heavy for me to lift. One day I was at Home Depot and spotted these footstools for arondack chairs........$7 a peice. They were I put two of them together and topped them with carpet I glued on and they work perfect. Putting the two together made them stronger. It has worked perfectly for us and only cost $14 dollars..........much much cheaper than buying a ramp. We go somewhere we just sit it on the seat and it's easy and fast to set up.

I don't know why some dogs do this but my 14 month old Golden Retriever jumps up in the car without a problem. One day we went out to the dog park and we forgot was hot........we didn't stay long. When we went to get in the car I sit the water dish on the floor of the back of the SUV and my Golden jumped up and got obiously she wanted something bad enough she can jump. She jumps up on other things without a problem.

I can take a picture of this set up if you would like me too.....just let me know. I don't know where you would find these arondack footstools this time of year though.........just type arondack chairs into Google and you can see what they look like......the ones I found though were all one peice though but you can get the idea of what I am talking about.