Dog doesn't like Gentle Leader

Posted by Sr-Anne
Apr 29, 2010
One of my dogs really doesn't like to put on her "Gentle Leader" leash. When I approach her with the leash in my hand, she walks away from me to the nearest corner or place she can hide and cringes on the floor, hiding her head. Sometimes I can get her to stand up, but most of the time I put it on her as she is lying down, using treats and talking to her in a friendly way as I am putting it on and after she has it on. Still, after a few weeks of using the treats, she still hasn't changed her behavior. After I get it on her, and give a gentle tug, she comes right away and otherwise is a very well-behaved dog on the walk.

I followed the "Secrets to Dog Training" advice about getting her over her [I]fear[/I] of the leash - leaving it around, then by her food dish, then in my lap, etc. and she [I]has [/I]greatly improved - she is no longer afraid of it (before she would become very stiff and anxious and fight it; now she just tries passively to resist it). She just doesn't like it. Is there anything more that I can do?

Thanks very much!