Posted by Trixie
Oct 3, 2008
When I try to teach my dog down (when I am trying to put her in the position), She just wouldn't go down. She always flips over on her back, and just lies down for the longest time. When I get her to stand up again, (to try again), and I put pressure on her back, and hold her paws (just like what the sitstayfetch book says) WISHING shed get into the down position, she flips on her back again, and just lies down there.

What should I do??

I'm thinking that she doesnt see me as the ALPHA, so she doesnt respond, but she listens to the few commands I already taught her like sit, stay etc.

Does anyone have any advice for me??
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Oct 3, 2008
Hi Trixie,

I don't think it has anything to do with your Alpha status. Your puppy doesn't understand what you are expecting - what "down" means. OK, this is how I would teach her "down".

Put her in sit position. Bring a treat in front of her nose and bring it down to in between her front paws. Bring it slowly so than her nose will follow it. In order to take the treat your dog will have to bring her upper body down and eventually flat it on the ground. Then, you say "Yes! Good girl" and give her the treat. Repeat it many times. Once she learns what you expect, then label the action as "down". Dogs don't know our language so first teach them an action and then label the command.

Good luck
Posted by omar
Oct 8, 2008
That's the way I tought my two yorkies to lay...
unfortunately I also tought them to roll over, and now everytime they lay they automaticallu roll over...
but it's fine...
I love them anyways
Posted by phyllus
Nov 13, 2008
It's hilarious. Both my dogs, when anxious for a treat will sit, down and then roll over with a sheer bliss expression on their faces. How eager to please.