Exercise before fully vaccinated??

Posted by YosSam15
Dec 19, 2008
Does anyone have any suggestions on exercising my 9 week old Lab puppy? He hasn't had his second paro vaccine yet, and we evidentally live in a "high parvo" infection area. The vets told me to not even walk him around the block. I try playing ball with him and with other toys, but I still don't think he's getting enough exercise. He is also getting bored with walks around the backyard within a couple minutes.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for helping him get his exercise?

Posted by Beth8ny
Dec 27, 2008
Oh wow Im in exactly the same position with my nine week old husky, i think its probably why she is playbiting so much because of her getting bored with our back garden for exercise. Nobody really explains how to do it at this stage though do they? Mischa is having her last jab in 5 days, cant wait to get her out and about x
Posted by Champagne
Mar 11, 2009
If the back yard is boring make it fun, put a slide have him climb up and slide down, when he does that give him a treat. Also you could hide some treats and have him find them etc.
Posted by Idan-Kashi
Mar 13, 2009
I'd get some small Kong toys filled with some treats around the house, and teach him to find them. It shall occupy him for a long time.
Besides, in this age it's extremely essential for your dog to have some mental exercise, and not only physical. Train him some tricks like spin around, jump, rollover and some more puppy tricks. I advice you to introduce him to the clicker training.

Good luck.