Fetch Problems.

Posted by Trixie
May 20, 2009
No matter how hard i try, my shitzu never brings me the ball back after i have thrown it, and yelled 'fetch!'.

She always starts to run towards me, but then when she gets a meter from me, she takes a sharp turn (right or left), and runs away. its quite wierd.

Sometimes, i ignore her when she has her ball/ chew toy (because i know shes not gonna give it anyways), she comes close to me, stands beside me and places the toy on my foot ( but she doesnt let go of it ) when i bend down and try to take it, she runs away at full speed.

Im guessing she thinks its a fun game, and im okay with it, but does anyone have any advice on how I could teach her how to play proper fetch?

Posted by hele9001
May 21, 2009
I had the same problem, and it irritated me terribly. I started playing with 2 balls, one I throw and when she came near me I start bouncing with the second ball, she gets interested in this one and lets go of the first ball, and when you finish playing you take away both balls, they're your toys and you let her play with them when you want. It took a few tries but my beardie finally got the picture, and of course praise lavishly when she does give YOU the ball. As mine is oblivious to food, I praised her patting and good girl, but food treats might make it faster. Hope it helps.