Gettng dog off my bed.

Posted by cgrissel
Aug 28, 2009
I have a 6 year old beagle. Since I got her, I had no problem with her sleeping with me in my bed (probably wrong, but I slept alone, so there was no problem). She has her own bed, right next to mine, and sometimes she will sleep there, on her own will.
The thing is I will soon be marrying (I still have a few months left), and I don't think my boyfriend will agree to allow her sleeping with us, and I'm ok with this. I would like to get her to sleep on her bed now, so that she (and I) won't have any problem with it once I get married.
How can I get her to do it? If anyone has any ideas, I would sure appreciate them (I constantly teach her new tricks and stuff with a clicker, maybe this could help).
Thanks a lot!
Posted by Maggiesmom1
Aug 31, 2009
You are so smart to start training her now! Good move! I think consistency is the name of the game. When you guys go to bed, pat her little bed and give her a treat and tell her night-night. If she jumps on your bed, immediately say "No! Off!" Pat her bed again and offer a treat if she gets back or use your clicker to reward her immediately as she touches her bed. Lots of "good dog" praise never hurts either. I bet she'll get it in no time. Congrats on your upcoming marriage.
Posted by cgrissel
Sep 9, 2009
Thank you so much for the advice and good wishes! I'll get to work with her immediately!
Posted by richnroo
Sep 12, 2009
I have 2 Basset hounds and they were sleeping on my bed, which I didn't mind, as my husband is a truck driver. However, when he is home, it gets a little crowded. So, I really wanted them to sleep on the floor, but had no idea how to go about it. Well, I had surgery and was not allowed to lift over 5 lbs. Since the dogs cannot get up on their own, they quickly learned to sleep in their beds on the floor, as I could not lift them. Amazing how fast they learn when you are consistent. Now if your dog can get herself on the bed, you may have a different story...
Posted by KOPsarah
Sep 13, 2009
Hi and thanks for your post,
Treats and consistently are definitely the way to go, how is your progress so far?
Posted by cgrissel
Sep 17, 2009
Thanks a lot for replying, but the thing is she doesn´t need me to lift her, she simply jumps in!
Posted by cgrissel
Sep 17, 2009
As long as I'm awake and she knows she'll get a treat, everything is going well. But when I go to sleep, there's a point where she will get on my bed; I wake up and she's there!
Any advice, please?
Posted by DogsInShanghai
Sep 29, 2009
unfortunatly I had the same topic with my (that time) 6 months dobermann, just the same as you, I let him sleep in bed, as long as i was awake, he was in his bed, as soon as i slept, he was in the bed..... like a snake, he got really professional in snaking hisself into bed. when my boyfriend was here he would pester him, wake him up, nudge him, glare at him and at last growl at him - that was the end of dog in bed. I tried the consistancy and treat approach, but he was too stubborn, every night in the evening dog was in bed, I woke up dog was snuggled up next to me, so I bought a crate, gave him a treat told him good night and locked the door, whining and squeeking needs to be ignored, now, after more than a year (but I wasnt consistant in between) after a time i would let him sleep in his bed and as soon as I cought him getting on the bed put him in the crate again. only thing is, you need to do that when youre still alone, so the dog doesnt make the link that he has to sleep on the floor to your husband (husband here, me in crate = I dont like the man, who put himslef between me and mum)
also you can try locking her out of the room, but for me that was not an option because Thompson would paw the door and chew and scratch....
other option is, you ask your husband if he would mind, I know lots of couples that sleep in bed with their dog, only problem is, if they get aggressive, since mine did, he has to sleep off the bed, if he hadn't pestered my boyfriend, he would still be sleeping in bed.
Generally I think it is quite likely that she will try and protect her space and you to the introder, so I would suggest you buy a fairly big crate and make it as wonderful as possible (treats, and start training her that way. Good Luck!
Posted by vidamorim
Oct 1, 2009
I have a 18 months old Dorberman that usually loves sleep in my bed. The problem is that he sheds a lot. The trainer, where I bought him told me to put aluminun foil in the bed. In the beginning was bad to sleep with that noise from aluminum foil, but you use to. I don't remember if after one or two week I took off the aluminum, he didn't come back to the bed. However, after 4 months we did that, my husband mess up the trainning and allow him to go to the bed with him. When I saw Dexter (dorberman) in the bed, I use the second option, I shake a aluminum can with some pennies inside and say out, the trainer said that they don't like the noise. Everytime he try to go to the bed use the can. I don't really need to use the can now I just say out or if he know that I am coming to the bedroom he is out. However, this happened because after the aluminum foil my husband allowed him to came back to the bed. Now, my husband doesn't allow him anymore. Today, Dexter just sleep in his bed. It is very important your energy that you pass to your dog that you don't want him or her in your bed. YOU ARE THE BOSS/ ALPHA DOG. Good luck!!!
Posted by KOPsarah
Oct 5, 2009
hi again,
tin foil is an excellent idea as dogs hate the feel and sound of it. Plastic may also work and be a little easier to manage. The crate idea is another excellent option you can consider.
Posted by cgrissel
Oct 30, 2009
Thanks a lot for your advice, you really understand what's going on since you've had the same experience!
Posted by cgrissel
Oct 30, 2009
I'm going to try tin foil and see how it works, she hates wierd feelings on her skin or paws (she hates walking where it's wet, if there's an option between plain floor and carpet, she will definitely go for the carpet), so I guess this is a good idea. Thanks a lot for your ideas!