House Breaking older Sheit Zus

Posted by jim-poisel
Jun 26, 2009
We have a 5year old Shiet Zu, We have had dogs all our married years (50 Plus) and have house broke many dogs but this one is different, she does what she wants, when she wants. She is either the smartest dog I've ever seen or the dumbest, not sure which, at least she goes in the basement which is in my workshop, which is better then on the wall to wall carpeting .
Any attempt to change her behaver results in the dog just standing there looking at you. Any ideas ?
Posted by kjd
Jun 27, 2009
Have you tried going back to puppyhood? Pretend she is a brand new puppy that knows nothing. Keep her in a crate except when you are able to watch her. Take her outside when she wakes, after eating, after playing, every so-many hours. . . You know the drill. OTOH, I have heard that some small dogs are nearly impossible to housebreak. Good luck!
Posted by KOPsarah
Jun 28, 2009
Hi Jim and thanks for your post, I was just wondering before we look at a solution whether you practice alpha dog training with her and if so is she responsive to that and accepting of you as leaders?