How do you keep a dog from opening the door

Posted by y-wilsoncomcastnet
Dec 10, 2008
when he wants to come in from outside? When our boxer is done going potty, he many times will come to the door, stand on his hind legs, and try to claw the door handle open. Since we have a handle that you pull down on, this results in the door opening every so slightly and then closing, as he doesn't have the hands to grab the door. He is stratching up our hardware! What say you all? Thanks, Yvonne
Posted by Annie
Dec 10, 2008
A way to begin the training is to remove the door handle and re-attach it at a 90 degree angle ie. so it is pointing up, or down. This way your dog will not have success with his technique.
Then you need to catch him in the act with a water pistol, loud voice, loud noise, command to stop etc etc.
You might go further and train him to ring a bell when he wants to come in....
good luck, annie