How to teach the dog to crawl

Posted by Bigben
Oct 8, 2008
Hi, I have 3 doberman, a 4 years old , 1 year old, & a 7 month old.
I am trying to teach the 7 month old to crawl what should I do:confused The 7 month old can do the following: sit , lie down, stay, he can differentiate his left and right front foot.
Posted by stephanie-Craddock
Oct 9, 2008
Hi there,
I have a 40 kg collie cross, If your dog is small enough, get him to lie down, then sit on the floor yourself with your knees up, (the dog needs to be facing the gap under your knees) show the dog a treat then place it on the other side of you, say the command crawl, ( I also had to use get it-crawl for Max as he is trained not to touch food until the command get it) Then your dog should crawl under your knees to get the treat. Then give him praise by saying ?good crawl)
My dog is to big to fit under my knees so to teach him I lent over the sofa and made him crawl under me.
Repeat about 5 times a day until he gets the hang of it.
Have fun!
Posted by ak21
Nov 19, 2008
My puppy is learning to crawl as well. However, crawling is something my puppy does on his own so I thought hey! why not make it into a trick. what I have started to do is make a command as a continuation of the down command. I tell him to lay down. Then once he is on the ground. I wiggle a treat side to side only inches out of his reach so he has to crawl to get it. At first my puppy got up and cheated and walked to it. So I decreased the distance to the treat and only gave him the treat after he crawled to the treat instead of cheating and walking to it.