Jumping on people

Posted by Mya
Aug 25, 2008
Hi. I have a 6mo Sibe Husky and I've tried everything from the book to stop her from jumping on people. I've tried holding both her paws when she jumps. I've also tried turning my back. She eventually sits down but this continues to happend especially when i have new guest over.

She also jumps and barks at the side door when she knows I'm by the door. I've told her to sit through the door. Then when she is quiet, I let her in. However she still continues to do this when I get home. Any other suggestions?:confused:
Posted by KOPsRobyn
Jan 2, 2010
Hi Mya

A good way of stopping dogs from jumping up is to lift up your knee as they jump so that you just catch them in the chest. This doesn't hurt them but will stop them from achieving what they wanted, which is for you to pay attention to her. At the same time you should completely ignore her, not even making eye contact as even if you are just telling her off, she will feel that she has succeeded in getting you attention. If possible, get your guests to do the same and she will learn very quickly that this is not the way to get you to play with her. You should make your attention a prized reward, one that she will strive towards. This is done by only patting her or playing with her after she has behaved well or obeyed a command, and not just whenever she comes up and asks for it.

To stop her barking and scratching at the door, you will need to do the same and completely ignore her. This will be quite hard initially as she will be very persistent, but eventually she will realize that this is not getting her anywhere so she will stop. As soon as she is quiet you should let her in and praise her. This may need to happen a few more times before she grasps the concept that she is only allowed in when you want her in and when she behaves herself.

I hope that this helps and all the best with the training!
Posted by Morsey
Jan 18, 2010
Hi Mya,
I put my knee up to stop my dog jumping and it works very effectively- she never jumps on me anymore. She does jump up on other people, it is really hard to get other people to stop patting her when she jumps up on them! sara
Posted by kjd
Jan 19, 2010
Hi, Sara,

Unfortunately, many people actually like the dog to jump on them. I had a dog I raised from a puppy. Since I always got down on the floor to play with her or bent over to her level, it never occurred to her to jump. She didn't jump on me; she didn't jump on other people. Then some males in the neighborhood taught her to jump on them. Fortunately, she never carried it to jumping on little children, but she was never as good as she'd been before. In my experience, this is a male thing. They really do want the dog to jump up on them. They encourage it. Women are less happy about it.
So how do you get them to stop unless they are invited? You need the help of friends that don't like being jumped on. First teach your dog a "place" command (it can be "place" or "mat" or any word you want, as long as you are consistent on what it means). The "place" command should carry with it a "wait" command -- "place" means go to that special location and stay there until I give you another command. Now you send your dog to "place" everytime the doorbell rings or there is a knock. Your helpers come over and wait outside until the dog is in her place. It may take a while before the helper can come into the house, but you don't want to let them in until the dog stays in her place. Now, when a new guest comes, she can stay in her place until she's calmed down and has seen the new person is acceptable to you. If the new guest is afraid of dogs, you will be happy you can leave her in her place until the person leaves. Far better than having to drag your dog off a frightened person! (Thank Victoria Stillwell for this method of controlling jumping dogs.)

Let us know if any of this helps.