Leash Training - Chewing

Posted by elliepol
Sep 6, 2009
Hi there,

I got a new golden retriever puppy 3 weeks ago. He is only 9 weeks old and he's the first dog I have ever owned.

He used to pull the leash when I tried to do the leash training. But, after I tried the random walking technique, he stopped pulling the leash. I will stop after 5 mins or when he is dragging behind me. But the problem is once I stop, he will roll-over on his back and try/struggling to chew the leash. I actually keep my leash short. I tried to put him into sit position but he will not listen and continue rolling over on his back and try to reach the leash so that he gets to chew on it. I'm getting very frustrated everytime he does so. Please help.

Posted by KOPsarah
Sep 8, 2009
hi ellie and thanks for your post.
First of all congratulations on your new puppy, it sounds like you are already getting in some great training. When your puppy chews the lead give a throaty "ahh" then redirect him by giving him a toy to chew or by having and treat and getting him to come to you for it. As soon as he is doing the right thing again give him heaps of warm praise.

You can also try putting the lead on him and letting him just walk around with it at times he is distracted with other fun things such as playing with your or eating a meal. As soon as he goes to chew it use the "ahh" and redirecting.

I hope this helps, and let me know how you get on.