Potty training

Posted by brynag2003
Feb 28, 2008
My puppy is 7 mos old and is still being house trained. Last night she got up twice (usu. a sign that she needs to go out). I took her out both times, but she did nothing. The third time she whined, so I took her out again, this time performing.

To avoid this in the future, is it reliable to set my alarm for four hours after bedtime (and her last potty out) and ignore any rustlings before that hour?
Posted by Todd
Mar 9, 2008
Hi there and thanks for the question.

Hmmmm thats a tough one because i don't want to lead to your lack of sleep through my advice

I think letting her tell you when she needs to go is probably the best way to go. If she comes and hassles you leave her be. If she comes back or just won't stop annoying you then i think she may need to go.

If you get up every time she whines then she thinks she can get attention whenever she wants....day or night!

If she wakes you up and then leaves you alone it may just be an attention thing. If she does make a mess then don't tell her off but the next night take her out when she does come to you.

By letting her tell you when she needs to go not the opposite way she will learn to hold on a bit longer. This in turn will lead to quiet peaceful sleeping for you.....and i think you'll agree that sounds good