Rusty wants to rule the house

Posted by SandyM
Nov 5, 2009
Rusty is a six month old Brittany we have had since he was 2 months old. He attended puppy kindergarden with me and did well in everything but sitting and wanted to play with the other puppies.
He minds my husband well, especially when they go hunting, but I can't seem to control him a lot of the time. He tries to nip at me or my clothes, grab things he isn't supposed to have, and then barks at me and lunges to nip at me when I try to take it away He also wants to play with the cat like another puppy with nipping and jumping on him. The cat has no front claws, so can't protect himself.
Posted by kjd
Nov 5, 2009
Have you tried the alpha dog training? Rusty probably obeys your husband better because of the hunting. He may still see the hierarchy in your house as: Rusty, husband, you, but obey your husband when hunting because he enjoys it so much. Read the ebook on alpha training your dog and see if there isn't a change in Rusty's attitude.