Stupid question regarding regular walks and random walking

Posted by tlw
Mar 11, 2009
From what I understand you are to walk your dog and also random walk your dog to get him well-trained on the leash. Not substitute random walking for the standard walk. My question is this, is it okay to walk the standard walk and then do random walking for a bit within this walk? I have been random walking trying to get my dogs to stop pulling on the leash. It seems to work, they look at me, follow me, but only when we are random walking. They will not do it on a standard walk. I am getting frustrated, what am I doing wrong?
Posted by LetsPlay
Mar 12, 2009
Hi there,
the best thing is to only do the random walk while teaching them to walk on a leash properly.
Perhaps play fetch or other games with them instead of taking them for a walk to exercise them in the meantime.
Dogs love going for walks and sniff around. Because it is a treat for him he will need to know that he has to behave on the leash, otherwise he won't go.
So only do the random walk in the meantime. You can also hold up a treat when walking to get them to watch you and pay attention to you.
Once they gets the hang of it try walking them normally, but as soon as they pull do the random walk again.
Every time they pull you should stop instantly, they should not get away with pulling.
Good luck and let us know how you get on.
Posted by tlw
Mar 17, 2009
As soon as they start to pull I do stop - there are some days we don't go more than a block in a half hour. My older dog will stick with me - I'm fine even if they will loose leash walk - as long as I have treats. The younger one seems to do okay random walking when I stop and 'about face', or when I turn away from her, but if I turn towards her she jumps up and grabs the leash and starts tugging. How do I stop her from doing this?