Training my chihuahua

Posted by SandyMike
Feb 17, 2008
I'm getting my little sweetheart on Feb 29th. I'm taking the week off to bond and start house training him but I know one week isn't enough time. Any suggestions for when I go back to work and can't come home every two hours? Thank you.
Posted by Todd
Feb 22, 2008
HI there and thanks for your question.
Sorry for the delay.

What i woudl try to do would be over the last few days you are at home with him i would start extending the time you are 'away'. You may want to just stay in the other room.
Start with small periods and extend them slowly. This way he will get used to you not being around.

He should be fine in her crate for 4-6 hours when you are at work but try to get home at lunch time. Ask your Boss if you could maybe take him to work for a few days if this is practical.

Just make sure when you are home you spend time with him. He may have some accidents in his crate if you are using one but just make sure not to tell him off when you get in.

I am sure things will go well and please let me know how things are.