Walking the Dogs...

Posted by Shado
May 9, 2008
Being new to the group, I hope that this is where I need to post this subject? Several months ago, I retired and got bored staying at home. Anyways, I decided to volunteer at one of the Animal Shelters as a dog walker and do this twice a week.

What I am interested in learning is how to walk these dogs. Most seem to pull every which way they can or as they are walking.. like to jump up on you. Some of these dogs are so big that they can be frightening. On several occasions I have been knocked down as well as being nipped at. What I also would like to know is how to control this type of behavour.

Thanks in advance for any help given.
Posted by Todd
May 15, 2008
HI there and thanks for the question

This is a hard question. The problem is that you are not always there to reprimand them and reinforce your position over the dogs.

So i think each dog is slightly different? Do you walk them in groups because this does make things harder.

So some basics. I would recommend getting some Gentle Leaders or Halti's to try. I have 2 for my dogs and they are absolutely brilliant. The way they work is by pulling the dogs nose to the side - so instead of pulling against their entire weight you are only pulling against their nose. This makes it much easier to control them and much more gentle on your arms.

When they do misbehave you do need to tell them off ASAP. Give them a yank on the lead and a loud GRRRRRR or AHHHHHH. If you want to try and carry a water pistol you can give them a squirt but you might not have enough hands.

Then make the dogs sit. Wait until they are relaxed and calm before carrying on.

It is also important that you notice when the dogs are getting worked up. If you see them getting excited make them sit and wait for a bit. This will shortcut the whole thing and stop them getting over the top.

If they do nip you reprimand them as i mentioned above and make them sit.

I would try if you can taking one for a walk at a time and then as you control this one slowly walking more and more at once

Posted by Shado
May 17, 2008
Thank you, will give it a try. We, (myself & the other volunteers) usually walk the dogs separetly. Also we've used halti's for the more larger dogs and found them to be of great use.