Walking with a stroller

Posted by wmorton
Aug 19, 2008
We've had our Rat Terrier for 8 years, but just now teaching her to heel. She's doing great! Is it possible to walk a dog successfully with a stroller? Our dog is so competitive, she has always wanted to be "out front" in the lead. We have conquered this issue when it is just me walking her, but I would walk her more often if I could take a stroller. How can I train her to stay next to me with the stroller in front? Is it better to tie the leash to the stroller or keep it in hand? (which is difficult to coordinate) Is this a reasonable expectation for a terrier?

Thanks much!
Posted by foxi7778
Aug 19, 2008
Yes this is possible and I have done it many times (3 kids lol). Don't tie the leash to the stroller as you will have no control over the dog and risk the dog pulling the stroller over if you have to let go for any reason. Instead, just hold the leash as you normally would but hold the handles of the stroller at the same time (if that makes sence ). I doubt if the dog will try to take the lead when you have the stroller as it will end up getting run over My dogs only got in the way of the stroller once or twice and soon realised they were less likely to get to get their paws squished if they walked nicely beside me. This also helps with pack order and stops your dog seeing the child as below it in the pack ( if that were an issue), as the baby is walking (being pushed) ahead of the dog. Best of luck, your dog will probably find this easier than you will the first few times
Posted by Annie
Aug 20, 2008
I agree with Foxi,
I also used my leash tied in a loop and over one of my shoulders ( diagonally, with the clip for the dog low on my left hip.) It was a bit of a pull at first but then I had hands free control and also the dog was forced to be by my side. I agree that it takes a couple of 'run-overs' for the dog to keep away from the pram.
Like when you are training to heel, and the instructors say to change direction if the dog is pulling? well it works great but a bit tricky with the pram. I did a couple of short walks without the baby in the pram, ( made it lighter) and did a couple of quick about-faces! also change direction left and right suddenly. After 2 such walks she was really watching where the pram was going.

I have never and will never tie the dog to the pram. I have too strong a picture in my head of the dog chasing a deer with my precious baby towed behind! When I go in a shop, she is tied up to the normal post and the pram is out of reach. You should also never use a retractor line or long training line with the pram. Imagine the dog racing away and the line getting caught round the baby.
I don´t mean to worry you, think smart. My dog hardly knows how to walk WITHOUT the pram as I am often alone at hóme, and I´ve had hardly any problems. I am also happy if she is walking next to the pram( in front of me, but a 'heel' to the pram) on the offside to the traffic. She doesn´t pull and she walks nicely there. I always put the brake on and step away from the pram if I am meeting another dog.