Will not fetch?

Posted by Kindler
Oct 5, 2008
Our Border Terrier Jake, who is 18 months old does not get the fetch thing. He'll chase anything I throw but will not bring it back. If I get close to picking the item up he snatches it away and waits just far enough away to make sure I can't get the item.

He'll chase other dogs tennis balls and will not give them back. I now have loads and plan to take a bagful over to the woods so I can hand them back to all and sundry.

We have a lake near us and I throw sticks for him to swim to and bring back. When he gets them back to the edge he holds on to them and again makes sure they are just out of my reach.

He has started to "come" when he wants to (rather than when called) at the end of our daily walk in the woods. There seems to be something attracting his attention off to one side of the exit and if I have not been far sighted enough to get him back on the lead before we get there he's gone!

I'd appreciate any ideas from any source as I'm sure it would be much more fun if he would let me throw things for him rather than having him hang on to them.

Thanks in advance.
Posted by Bigben
Oct 18, 2008
What I had done to my doberman, is that when I started to teach him fetch, I did use a long long leash, throw the ball when he pick it up, call him " give it back" when he does not respond that is the time I put a little jerk on the leash, he does the work.