chdewing and stealing items

Posted by Liag3
Jan 11, 2010
My daughter's pet is a 13 month old American bull dog. He already weighs 95 pounds. I visit frequently and I can't get him to be calm when I enter. I usually say, "Hi Diesel, it's your gramma" when I enter. He wants to get right up on me. My daughter says to just stand there and let him lick me and sniff me and put his front paws on my shoulders. If I sit in a chair, he wants to be on myh lap and he is definately NOT a lap dog. The other day I was in a recliner and he stole my open back shoe right off my foot and ran outside thru the doggie door. By the time I got it back he had chewed thru the elastic on the front. She claims his growl means he's happy and wants me to play. She had a pit bull for 13 years and I didn't experience this trouble with that dog.
Posted by kjd
Jan 11, 2010
Hi, Diesel's Gramma!

Take a page from Cesar Milan's book. When you come inside, don't speak to Diesel or touch him or even look at him. In fact, since he likes to meet you eye to eye, turn around with your back to him until your daughter removes him (he is her dog and she should be disciplining him just as she should her children). Once he is removed from you (why should you run the risk of being knocked over?), sit down and ignore him until he calms down and lies down. If he approaches you, ask your daughter to remove him. (I guess you are now in the business of training your daughter again. Sorry, but she obviously thinks Diesel is doing fine, so you will have to teach her that guests aren't playthings for her dog.) If you've ever watched The Dog Whisperer, you will recognize my next suggestion: whenever you ask your daughter to remove Diesel, be calm and assertive. Let her know that you cannot visit with her until Diesel is removed (this is putting your daughter in a time-out). At some point, she will realize that it is more fun having people over when Diesel is calm and submissive. You will also begin to enjoy Diesel, who will recognize you as a leader.

Good luck,