chewing issues

Posted by barbwhite1187
Mar 13, 2008
hi everyone, I have 3 dachshunds and my new (now 7 mo old) female has chewed everything in my house. 3 lift chairs, ends of couch, chair and anything else that seems to be my nice furniture........what can I do to stop this. I have used the sprays, nothing happening with them and even red pepper and she still for any and all suggestions
Posted by Blue
Mar 15, 2008
You may have already tried some, or all of these, but I figured I'd post them just in case... Some puppies are just in need of maturity to help with their chewing tho...

When she bites/chews on your furniture, be sure to reprimand her. A good way to reprimand is by using a deep/low NO, a guttural growl (yes, literally) or saying Aaahh with a deep low voice, or shake a can of pennies/small pebbles. In addition to these, if a verbal reprimand is not enough, you can buy a little squirt gun to squirt her if she really refuses to stop chewing!

Once a reprimand is effective, have her sit, then give her an appropriate chew toy.

As a precursor preventative to her chewing on your furniture, you can apply a distasteful substance to your furniture (where possible without stains!) such as bitter apple. Many people also use a cayenne/chili and water mixture to stop chewing (will stain red...).

As soon as you have reprimanded your puppy and he stops, give him something appropriate to chew and praise him when he is chewing on it. Kong's are great for this as you can stuff them with peanut butter/treats and they can last quite a while (especially if you freeze them!) and they come in different sizes for all dogs/puppies!

Durable squeaker toys are also great. Cuz makes some fabulous squeakers ([url=]Cuz Rubber Squeaky Dog Toy - Canada[/url] always supervise your dog with cuz balls as they do have feet that can be chewed off!) my dog Blue destroyed every chew toy we got for her, except for these Cuz toys and Kongs! You just have to learn to tolerate the squeaking . To entice your dog to chew on non-stuff-able chew toys, you can also put a little peanut butter on them to make them more wonderful then the couch!

I hope this was helpful!