complete training

Posted by bobi-the-rn
Jun 1, 2008
We have a little puppy, she is 9 weeks old, a french poodle??? She really is smaert but does as she pleases. We keep her penned up in the house but do let her run free if she has pooped and peed outside. I praise her and give her a treat. but she now thinks that good potty means a treat. so I had to change that to good girl. She still poops on the area rugs in the house if she runs free, so we try not to let her run free unless she has done her business outside. I tried using some products like NO GO on the rugs, didnt work, she loved the smell. then I tried using a product called ATTRACT, she hated it and would sneeze when she smelled it. then I tried sprinkling pepper on the rug, I guess cause she is mexican she loves hot things. help, what do I do. Of course this is just one of many problems but one thing at a time right?. Bobi the rn
Posted by kiltedchef
Jun 9, 2008
I've always sworn by a product call "Nature's Miracle." It comes in both a liquid and a dry formula -- one for cleaning up messes and the other for eradicating odors. It's always worked for me. Just a suggestion; I hope it helps.