dog always goes to toilet during walk

Posted by lopsl
Mar 19, 2008
We take our dog - a small 6kg maltese cross - for a fifteen to twenty minute walk every day and without fail he will do two lots of toilet during the walk, even though he has plenty of opportunity during the day to go to the toilet outside the house. If he goes for a second walk later on in the day, he will inevitably still do a small one. We feed him only once a day in the evening and during the day he may get a small treat.
This may also be linked to his behaviour to want to pull ahead at the start of the walk and once he has emptied his bowels, he will walk to heel quite willingly.
What can be done to change his toilet behaviour so that he does it in the garden and then we can walk him without him always wanting to go to toilet then.
Posted by Blue
Mar 26, 2008
Hi there
First off - you are lucky to have such a good dog who eliminates outside! - even if it is multiple times! Personally - if it ain't broke, don't fix it - is a good idea here, as if you start messing with his routine, he may prove to gain other problems.

But, if you do want to try something new, what I would suggest is break his feedings into two feedings a day (half his normal feed in the morning, the other half at night). About 15 minutes after his feed, try to take him outside to your yard to eliminate, if he does - say 'poo poo, good dog!!' and give him a treat. You can also try this first thing in the morning as most dogs will need to 'go' not long after they wake up.

You can also try doing two short walks a day (instead of one long) where you don't allow him to 'sniff' for a poop spot, just keep walking - focus on 'heel' training if you want - with treats to keep him focused. Give a little jerk on the leash and reprimand whenever he is distracted, then when you get home, give him his new 'poop' command to get him to go in the appropriate spot.

The issue with dogs, is that just like humans - activity causes the bowels to move, so by feeding him smaller meals - and doing shorter walks for training purposes he will feel less need to go right away - and your not taking away from his feeding or his walks .

Dogs can be trained to 'go' on command, so the more you say 'poopoo' and praise/treat after he's gone - even not in the right place, the more likely you will be able to get him to 'go' in the right place! lol!

Hope this was helpful,
Posted by lopsl
Apr 14, 2008
Hi Blue
Thank you for your reply and suggestions.