excited to see new people.

Posted by beau
Sep 20, 2007
We have had our beautiful 17 week old Bullmastiff puppy for 3 weeks now. She is responding well to all training at home and has taken to being walked on a lead. The only problem is that when she meets new people either in or out of the house she gets really excited and playful, she continually jumps up at them. This is worrying as she is getting big now and Im worried she may knock over a child. Ive tried getting her to sit before she meets new people but she does it for about 2 seconds and then stops listening as she is so excited.
She doesnt do this to myself or my partner when we get home. (We ignore her for about 5 minutes) She is very friendly to people and other dogs. How do i get her to listen and pay attention to me?
Posted by eyeluvdogs
Sep 24, 2007
Hi there

It sounds as though you have a VERY friendly dog! Maybe a little too friendly?

I recommend that you get some of your dogs favorite treats and put them in your pocket. Then get a friend to knock on the door and enter your house. When your dog gets really excited and starts to jump get your friend to ignore your dog completely, and you should immediately issue a high pitched squealing noise - preferably something that your dog has not heard from you before so that she is startled by it. As soon as your dog's feet touch the ground, praise her and give her a treat. Continue this process until the jumping behavior stops.

You should try and practice this as much as you can, preferably using different visitors to help you.

Good luck