licking,licking amd more licking

Posted by character500
Mar 18, 2009
Hi,I am a new member and this is my second post.As,I said in my first post I adopted a lab.She is sweet and loving but she has several problems that I see posted here.However,I have seen no posts about constant licking!She licks everything.My neck,my feet,my clothes and furniture.She doesn't confine her licking either,she licks everyone.I was laying on the couch one night and I kept smelling an odd odor.I finally realized that the smell was on my clothes after they dried from her constant licking of them.I don't mind all that much but I am sure my friends and family don't enjoy all the licking!!

Since,I also had a problem with her poop eating:eek::eek:I was told by a guy at the petstore that I should put her on a higher grade dogfood.I have started slowly adding the new food to her old food.I am thinking that maybe the higher grade food will help with the licking.Any suggestions?
Posted by Annie
Mar 20, 2009
Hi there,
maybe the new food helps as she may be lacking in some esential minerals or salts. Give har a good solid raw hide bone to lick, and if it continues then think about see the vet for a blood test. This may just be testing out new tastes or she could be needing something in her diet changed.
Posted by character500
Mar 20, 2009
Thank you for the input.I think we are on the same page.I will be taking her for her checkup in may and if the change in food doesn't help I will ask the vet for help.
Posted by nlmyers56
Mar 26, 2009
Hi. I am new here. My first post! I have a Golden Retriever. he is now 2 years old. He is a "kisser" too, however, he doesn't eat his own poop. I have done a lot of reading about the kissing or licking and it seems to be an idea that when the dog begins to kiss, you redirect him to a toy. I haven't done this idea but I have also been told to flick the dog on the nose and say NO. As Rebel gets older, he doesn't lick so much as he did when he was younger. About the change in food, I personally like Orijen, which is expensive but I think well worth it. It is grain free and can be ordered from [url=]Premium & Organic Dog Food and Dog Treats - Free Shipping[/url] if you can't find it locally. I have seen a noticeable difference in Reb's coat and stool. A lot of dog allergies seems to be geared toward grain and I think it is a high quality dog feed.

Gosh, I may not have not have helped you much at all. Just a few little ideas.

I belong to a forum of Golden Retriever owners and it is awesome with great ideas and advice.

I know I will love this forum!!!

Nancy in Arkansas with Rebel the Golden!