old puppy and new puppy

Posted by arader
May 14, 2009
we have an 18 mo male golden and just got a 10 week old female golden. I am not sure how much "correcting" i should be doing with them. we use leave it a lot for our male and he knows then to leave our new puppy alone. However, when they play, it sometimes gets pretty aggressive. I usually remove the one showing the teeth, tell them no bites and put them in time out by separating them for a few minutes. they are getting the settle command pretty well but i just want to be sure i am doing the right things to keep from the horror stories of poor training. overall, it is going okay but i just don't want to make any mistakes.
we also try very hard to give them individualized attention and to encourage individual play as well as careful dual play. any help in this area would be appreciated! I know they will be the best of friends as they have some great moments together and that's the way i want to keep it
Posted by Idan-Kashi
May 16, 2009
Is your male dog follows you as a leader? If not, assume the alpha dog training asap.

Also, from now on you should be reinforcing your male as an higher rank than the new puppy, in order to make sure there won't be any problems.
He eats first, he gets hello first, in case you allow on the beds let him up and not her (it may sound harsh, but as soon as she'll get him as an higher rank member in the pack, all will be much better. Also, she'll respect you as leader incase he does.)

I hope it helps,
Let us know how it goes
Good luck
Posted by arader
May 16, 2009
it sounds as if we are on the right track then. We have completed with success the alpha dog stuff...and that was a challenge However, we continue using the techniques for both dogs now.

We do greet him first and they eat at seperate times. We also try very hard to be sure they get individual time with us such as going for walks/runs (for the older dog) and play time in the yard.

thanks for your input. I just don't want two bad behaving dogs!:eek: