our dog was attacked

Posted by amylinthomas
Oct 1, 2008
Our 9 month old black lab/pit mix was in our fenced in yard and 3 neighbor dogs jumped the fence and attacked him. Our dog was in the animal hospital for 3 nights on iv and needed a blood transfusion because his jugular vein was ripped open and he nearly bled to death. Obviously we have many concerns about what to do for our dog for his physical safety as well as emotional well being. I have just ordered SitStayFetch and haven't downloaded it as of yet because I am not at my home computer, but I am hopeful that there will be tips in there to help our dog not become dog aggressive himself or anxious around other dogs or even in our back yard as a result of his attack. I also have legal questions as to how to proceed with trying to have the neighbors pay for the veterinary expenses because of the attack. If anyone has had a similar experience in the state of Indiana and can give me feedback or suggestions I welcome them. Thank you.
Posted by elle
Oct 7, 2008
Hi Amylinn

So sorry to hear about your experience - hope that your little fella makes a steady recovery and that someone closer can give you some pointers on the legal proceedings.

Take care

Elle & Georgia (UK)