passive-aggressive beagle ignores when he feels like it

Posted by Franklin
Jul 17, 2009

We have a beagle mutt who is about 7 years old (I know - it's LATE)...

We've started obedience training and establishing dominance, and he is doing great with sit, sit-stay, and recall for treats - that is, for a while. There seems to come a point when he will just begin ignoring commands and refusing to make eye contact. Sometimes he'll just lay down and roll over, even when we're random walking. He behaves like this also when we're not training but he just doesn't feel like obeying, for instance when we tell him to come from under the bed or to go into his crate at night.

What is the best way to respond to stubborn/passive dominance?

Thanks for any help!
Posted by KOPsarah
Jul 18, 2009
Hi gillian and thanks for your post,
Before we look at specific solutions I would just like a little more information. When your dog rolls over and refuses to for example go in to his crate what do you do and how does he respond to this correction?
Posted by Franklin
Jul 20, 2009
Hello, thanks for the response.

When I give him a command and he rolls over, I will try snapping my fingers ("alarm") and saying ah-ah to get him to stand up, and I'll repeat the command. Otherwise I'll step away a few feet and say "Come" to get him to stand up and I'll try the command again. Usually he'll get up but when I redirect he will go back to avoidance.

With things like going into the crate he's sometimes not even responsive to the alarm. I end up having to physically move him myself. Same with getting off of furniture.

I've been trying to consistently ignore him in general when he walks up and rolls over in non-training situations (he does that a lot). I'll turn my back or look away and when he comes up and sits I'll pet him.

I appreciate the help!
Posted by KOPsarah
Jul 26, 2009
Hi again franklin,
It sounds like you are basically doing all the right things so maybe we can just adjust it slightly and see if we get a better result. Try increasing the contrast between responses to his good and bad behavior for example try using a little water pistol or can with coins in it for the 'alarm'. At the same time when he does do the right thing make the reward huge, lots of really tasty treats and praise in a really excited voice. This should make good behavior more appealing and bad behavior less appealing and hopefully get his training back on track. Keep up the ignoring when he rolls over in non-training situations. Try to remove yourself to another room completely. As soon as he gets up and trys to follow you give him lots of excited over the top praise to again show him how much better sensible behavior is.

Hope this helps and keep me posted on your progress together,