playing fetch but not bringing it back

Posted by hele9001
Apr 13, 2009
My bearded collie, loves to play, but won't give me the bottle or ball back. She will back of when I try to get it from her. I have tried with 2 balls but this does'nt work either. Its quite difficult to teach her things as she is completely oblivious to food treats, so I try to praise her verbally and it sort of works, but I think that if she would really play giving it back, it would be easier to teach her stuff as she is still a puppy, 14 months and loves to play, and gets along beautifully with all other dogs. She does think that she is the leader even tho' I try to act as the alpha, walk before her, make her move to pass, when playing retrieving the toys and not letting her keep them etc, Is there some way to convince her that its much more fun playing giving it back. I'm tired of saying drop it and finally after 2 or 3 tries just take it away and stop playing. Thanks for any help anyone can give me.
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Apr 13, 2009
Hi hele9001,

I understand your frustration because we would think that if she returns the ball to you then she will get to go fetch again, and again, and again...but she doesn't seem to get it.

Has she mastered "Drop it" and "Leave it" with other things than a ball? If she hasn't that might be a good start.

Place a toy in front of her and tell her to "Leave it" using your hand to kind of blocking the way if she tries to get it. Then, remove your hand and tell her to "Take it" and give her a treat. When she master this, give her a toy as you say "Take it" and as she grabs it in her mouth, ask her to "Drop it". If she drops it, praise and treat.

Once she leans this, do the same with a ball, but not throw it yet.

The next step is to throw a ball very close to her and do the same.

Once she learns the commands "Leave it" and "Drop it" it will be a lot easier to make her drop the ball as she brings it back to you.

>I'm tired of saying drop it and finally after 2 or 3 tries just take it away and stop playing.

This is inadvertently teaching her not to give the ball to you. She has learned that once you get the ball it is the end of the game.

Hope this will help. Good luck