puppy schedule training

Posted by kacla
Apr 6, 2008
In the sitstayfetch book in DOG 203 section O, it seems to indicate that they include a schedule, or a 12 week training schedule but I can't seem to find it.

I would love to know how many basic commands I should be teaching my puppy. We already have sit, shake, and come pretty much down. A schedule would be great. Any ideas?


Posted by Todd
Apr 10, 2008
Hi there Kathy and thanks for your question.

Sorry i can't help with the insert but ill let someone know so they can get onto it

As for the basic commands i like sit, stay and come. Lie can be very helpful especially when you are having problems with wait.
There are some very good tricks like Bang, and teaching your job to watch things inquistely that you point at.

But in terms of basics just keep with sit, stay, come, heel and wait.

Let me know how things go