seperate room for my dog St. Bernard

Posted by Jay
Sep 11, 2008
hi, i have a saint bernard, 4months today, i live in ahouse with no garden area.
Till now my puppy had been sharing same living space.
I have two kids also at home 2yrs & 5 yrs of age.
Recently, i have understood that i may have some problem later with the habbit of sharing space in home so clearly as he will be a huge dog.
So i have decided to allocate a seperate room of 12feet x 12 feet properly ventilated. Also i make sure that in ealry mornings and evenings my do spends time with us.
I hope that this will be O.k. Please comment & suggest.
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Sep 13, 2008
Hi there,

I understand your concern but I think it is all depends how you want to live with your dog. Do you want to keep your dog and kids separated for the rest of his life? Or, do you want your dog to learn how to behave around your kids and how to treat them?

I know huge dogs such as great danes that are very very gentle to toddlers. It is all depends on how you train your dog and your kids (not to pull the dog's tail, not to poke his eyes, etc.). However, you should always supervise your dog whenever he is with your kids and their friends.

By separating your dog from your kids, he will miss opportunities to learn how to behave around or handle human children and it is possible he will grow either too anxious to get close to them, or have fear of children. Just like dogs that never had a chance to be around cats as a puppy, will get too interested in cats and sometimes aggressive to them. I think everything dogs learn is from their daily routine and experience.

Sorry I might not have answered your question. I hope someone can give you an advice.
Posted by Jay
Sep 14, 2008
i think you have answered it correctly, i had doberman pinscher bitch earlier.

She was very comfortable with us. But she developed a habbit of living with us so hard that it was difficult for us to handle her when people who fear dog were our guest.

But she had been always gentle to every one in family & friends. I think you have changed my mind to my initial thought.