too late to train?

Posted by marybeth
Jul 7, 2008
We are considering adopting a recently neutered, 2 year old Cocker Spaniel mix (?) dog. The dog was found wandering and picked up by animal control. It is now in a foster home. We met the dog cute as can be but acts like a 2 year old puppy. Completely out of control, jumping, racing around, pulling on the leash, a bit mouthy but not in an overt agressive way that we could tell. Very apparent that it has not had any obedience training. Is it too late?
Posted by stephanie-Craddock
Jul 9, 2008
:cool:Hi Marybeth,
Thought I'd reply to you as I recently adopted a 2yr old dog from an animal shelter, he didn't seem to have had any training either, and had been in the shelter for 9 months or so, however he has responded well to his training Infact he learned as quick as a puppy, within a week he was walking to heel ( until we see another dog, but we're working on that!) He very quickly learned to wait before his food, etc. I would implement alpha training straight away, but for sure with patience an dedication, and of course fun he can be trained:cool:
have fun