training 2 dogs

Posted by tlw
Mar 11, 2009
I have an 8-1/2 pointer/lab and a 1-1/2 pit/lab. The older one was okay on the leash and will heel as long as I have treats and she knows there is a possibility of getting one. The problem is when I walk them together they feed on each others bad habits - not the good habits (the few good habits they have).

For example, the younger one is starting to bark and lunge at bikes. This causes the older one to do the same thing, much to my surprise since she's never paid any attention to bikes. Likewise with other dogs, people, etc. The older one generally ignores most distractions on the walks unless the younger one goes nutty.

I have started walking them separately in order to train the younger one not to do this. She is getting a bit better but I'm afraid this is going to take so long that they will be used to walking alone and I won't be able to walk them together anymore. Help!
Posted by Idan-Kashi
Mar 13, 2009
You're doing well when training the younger dog separately.
Try to train him to behave with some treats. After he behaves well with you, take him with your dog to a very short walk where there are no distractions and reward both of them for walking nicely. Raise the criteria slowly, and always reward with treats and affection, instead of only correcting. Don't forget to treat them equally.