training tips?

Posted by lavalamp0321
Jul 29, 2008
hi all,
i just got my 9 mo old pup about two weeks ago and we are doing pretty well. he's already house-trained (thank goodness) so now we are addressing basic issues like not pulling on the leash and a little bit of separation anxiety. we will also be starting obedience training in a couple of weeks. (its not that i think HE needs it, i'd just like to know that i am training him correctly and not confusing the dog.)
due to the separation anxiety, when we are home he is CONSTANTLY in our faces wanting to be petted/played with, etc. one of our closest friends has a terrible phobia of dogs and when he comes to the house my puppy will NOT leave this poor guy alone.

we'd like to teach him a command like "go lay down." in which he knows to separate himself a decent distance (or to his bed) and wait to be called over. any suggestions for doing this??
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Jul 30, 2008
Hi there,

I think it is a great idea to have enrolled your dog to an obedience training. It is not for your dog but is more for you to learn how to train/control your dog, as well as building a very good relationship between you and your dog.

As for your question, there is a handy command "On your bed (or mat, etc.)"

First you will bring your dog onto his bed with a treat as you say "On your bed". When he gets on top of it, praise and treat. (you might want to have him down position because it will be easier for him to stay on the bed) Release him by saying "All done" or "OK". Move him elsewhere. Bring him again to his bed with the command and repeat this many times so that he understands "On your bed" command means he needs to get on the bed and lie down and stay down until getting released. You can give him a Kong or bone when he is on the bed.

Make it longer and longer. A good practice is to place his bed in a distance where you can see from your dining table. Make him sit/lie down on his bed while you eats your meals. When you finish your meal, release him and treat him. Once he masters this, you can have him sit/down in a distance on his bed when you have your friend over.

Good luck