walking out 2 completely different Yorkies

Posted by omar
Oct 8, 2008
Hi there, this is the second time I write about my dogs.
Crathos is 1 year 6 months old and Nisa is 1 year 4 months old. they behave well at home, except for some rare incidents.
The problem arises when we go out for a walk.
Nisa always follows, except when she sees another dog. She runs towards the dog to play, so I'm not confident on walking her without the leash.
On the other hand, Crathos snifs and snifs all the time, he wont listen or obey my commands, he won't come and pulls on the leash all the time.
Maybe I havenĀ“t been consistent and I'm pretty sure the problem started when I used to take him out with a retractable leash.
Sorry about my english, since spanish is my native tongue.
hope you can help
thanks a lot
Posted by LetsPlay
Aug 20, 2009
Hi there,

I would recommend taking each dog out on his own. That way you can work on their issues seperataly and you are more likely to be calm.

You need to make sure that your dogs accept you as the pack leader - read the book about being the Alpha Dog.
As the pack leader you are in charge of the walk. You determine where you go/ how fast/ if you stop etc.
The important thing is to always be consistent.

My dogs for example have to earn the right to sniff. Every dog loves sniffing. It's part of being a dog and you should definitely give them a chance to do so.
However you could get them to walk heel for 100 meters before you say okay and then let them sniff for a few minutes. As soon as you are ready to continue the walk you should make sure they know that sniffing time is over and they have to behave.

If you always walk the same way, try something different, so the dog has to look at you to find out where you are going. If the dog pulls in one direction make a point of going the other way.

Give them treats if they listen well. I think retractable leashes are great, but only for dogs who have good leash manners. I use a retractable leash in areas where I would love to let my dogs run free but can't because it is either not allowed or there are too many cars. That way they can still chase a stick and sniff around. You shouldn't use a retractable leash for a dog that hasn't learned how to behave on a leash. It encourages them to pull and they will learn that pulling gets them to where they want to get to.

If you don't want your dog to greet other dogs while walking you should practice the leave it command. Every time you see another dog continue walking and say leave it. Pass the other dog, stay calm and treat your dog if he passes without too much trouble. They will learn that they are not allowed to socialize when ever it suits them. Dogs usually behave slightly different when on leash as their "flight" option has been taken away. If you are always consistent your dogs will learn the rules.

Let us know how you get on