Bitch in Heat

Posted by elmariachino
Mar 24, 2008
Hello Doc.,
My 9 month old German Shepherd is entering her 1st heat period.
As she is a perfect representative of her breed, I intend to have
puppies from her, but not before her 3rd or 4th heat.
Menawhile, should I administer any treatment or medication to help her
to pass this delicate period?

Thank you.
Posted by Todd
Apr 3, 2008
HI there and what a great question.

There are hormonal therapies out there to stop her having the heat. Most are estrogen based, they will put off the heat till you want her to have it.

These are not without risk and i prefer to let them have their heat as usual. But talk to your vet about what they think would be best.

Another point - if you are planning to breed from her sooner is better than later. Problem increase the older they get and the longer they remain unbred and unspayed the risk of many medical problems increase

So good luck with her and it would be great to see some puppy pic's at some stage

Posted by elmariachino
Apr 5, 2008
Thank you Doc ,

Now she is in her 2nd week of heat, and we are doing just well.
Some more affection is everything she is asking for.

Is there an optimal cycle to breed from her (taking all the condiditons into consideration I was thinking about her 4th cycle)?
Posted by Todd
Apr 6, 2008
HI there

I prefer the third cycle to breed from its not too early and is while she is still young

Posted by elmariachino
Apr 19, 2008
Hey Doc,
For how long should I expect to have blood all over the place, up to today Cheena has been bleeding heavily for 12 day.
Should I expect this blood stream every time she gets in heat or is it because it's her first cycle?
Thank you.
Posted by Todd
Apr 24, 2008
Hi there

Yes the first heat can definately be worse in terms of the bleeding. But yes dog's bleed every heat they have and some are worse than others.

Bleeding usually lasts around 6 days but in some dogs can last a lot longer. If it carries on over 14 days i would talk to your vet and get her checked over.