Brewers Yeast

Posted by elmariachino
May 18, 2008
I always knew brewers yeast is very good for coat and skin.
But lately, I've been told it can cause bloat (2nd cause of dogs death after cancer).
Anybpdy has relevant infomation about the subject.
Posted by Kate
May 28, 2008
Brewer's yeast is a rich source of B-vitamins which are water soluble and generally don't cause a problem. The reason that people may think that it could cause bloating is probably due to the worry that the yeast will ferment in the stomach, producing gas. Brewers yeast contains dead organisms and therefore will not ferment.

The main reason I've heard people use it for is to control fleas. This is thought to work by an odor it imparts which may repel them, but I would be dubious as to how effective it truly would be.

Noone knows for sure the cause of 'bloat' in dogs, but there are several factors that seem to increase the risk. These include dogs that have deep chests, one meal a day, exercise straight after eating, eating too fast, overeating and overdrinking.

So Brewers yeast should not cause bloat, but its benefits in terms of skin and coat may be limited.

Hope this helps,
Posted by elmariachino
May 29, 2008
Thanks Kate,
It helps