Posted by 3tomaras
Oct 9, 2007
A Dal adopted my household and has not been claimed after a week. I've been reading about this breed and see that they are prone to urinary tract stones and need a special diet. Anyone have any advice?

Nina and tomaras
Posted by eyeluvdogs
Oct 17, 2007
Dalmatians are great dogs! The ones I have met have been very good natured, with limitless amounts of energy. It can be hard to get them to sit still! Apparently they do have a tendency for urinary tract infections, and therefore ideally should be on a low protien diet. Your Vet or local Pet Store may be able to recommend a particular type of food. Good luck
Posted by MartyEd
Nov 29, 2007
Hi there Nina,

Yes eyeluvdogs is right in that Dalmations can tend to be more prone to UTI's - and females more commonly than males. You will need to consult with your Veterinarian about an appropriate diet however as low protein is definitely not the key to avoiding this problem. Diets that prevent urinary calculi from forming usually alter the pH of the urine such that the crystals cannot form. However as there are several common crystals that can form within dog bladders and as they have different requirements for growth (some require acidic urine, some alkaline urine) it is important to understand the most common crystals that affect dalmations in your region. Your Vet will be able to put you on to an appropriate calculi dissolving diet if they believe your newly acquired dalmation could be affected (they may wish to take a urine sample for microscopy or undertake x-rays). The diet will be selected on the type of crystals that are found in your dog's urine.

Hope this helps and good luck.

Kind Regards,

Mark Edwards
Kingdom of Pets Team